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Don't put off your roof repair!

If the annoyance of a dripping ceiling isn’t enough to get you going, here are 10 more reasons why you should get that leaky roof fixed NOW vs. later…

  1. There’s a large chance that if left unresolved, the roof leak will damage the structural integrity of your home. How safe will you feel sleeping under a sagging roof?

  2. When attic insulation gets wet, it doesn’t work properly to insulate your home. Hello, increased energy bills!

  3. Porous building materials + prolonged exposure to rainwater = MOLD. Many types of mold are toxic and will trigger health problems like asthma in susceptible individuals.

  4. The extra weight of wet building materials as well as warping caused by moisture increases the risk of a ceiling collapse. Not only is this dangerous for people and pets, but when it occurs it’s rather messy and can cause further damage to lighting, ceiling fans, and other items below.

  5. Compromised roofing can create opportunities for unwanted pests to enter your home. Pests can quickly travel throughout the attic and wall cavities, causing extensive damage to your home along the way.

  6. Water and exposed electrical wires, like those that may have been nibbled upon by pests, are a recipe for disaster. Roof leaks increase the risk of electrical fires.

  7. The moisture trapped behind painted walls and ceilings can cause paint to bubble, peel, and flake. Exposure to lead paint chips and dust increases chances of experiencing lead poisoning and its harmful effects, including damage to all of the adult body’s systems, as well as damage to mental and physical development in children.

  8. Roof leaks STINK, period. If you’re noticing an unidentified foul odor permeating your home, it may be caused by soaked building materials or rotting wood in your attic or walls.

  9. The cost of repairing one small roof leak – RIGHT AWAY – is tiny when compared to replacing all the damage that will occur if the roof is left to continue leaking.

  10. Nailed It Construction Services, Inc. is now offering a FREE roof inspection to identify the cause of your roof leak. Call now to schedule an appointment – (901) 654-6677.


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