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Picking up the pieces after Ice Storm Landon

Power outages, uprooted trees, and snapped limbs… Ice Storm Landon was no joke! Many of our Memphis-area homes have taken an unfortunate beating this month and have seen better days. We at Nailed It 901 construction services have assisted some of the most severely impacted families, and we hope that you and your home have made it through unscathed. For the unknowing, we’re here with a timely little PSA:

Roof damage is not always obvious from the exterior when viewed at ground level, and it may not make itself immediately known through telltale interior clues like dripping leaks, wall stains and flooring damage.

< Be honest, would you really notice ALL of this roof damage from your front yard, without taking a closer look from above?

Now that the sun is shining and the storm has gone, those inconvenient reminders – power outages and road closures – have mostly faded. We urge you to keep your roof in mind as there may be storm remnants and lingering damage present that you aren’t yet aware of. Roofs need regular “health” check-ups to ensure that they are functioning properly and as intended to continue protecting your big investment, especially after a severe weather event has occurred!

Hanging tree limbs and even small-scale debris left in contact with a roof will cause premature wear and tear on an otherwise healthy roofing system... Just imagine what it will do to a roof that’s already less-than-healthy! Minor damage becomes major when it’s left unresolved, so what may be a small $ repair today could cost you big $$$$ after the next rainstorm. When addressed with a sense of urgency, minor repairs and regular roof maintenance can provide peace of mind at little cost.

Contact Nailed It 901 to schedule your roof check-up inspection today. There’s no cost involved for a member of our experienced roofing crew to come to your home and inspect your roof, and should any damage be discovered, there’s no homeowner obligation to proceed with the repairs. We understand that each situation and roof are uniquely different and challenging. If another company has failed to meet your needs, we’re happy to help address your concerns by offering second-look inspections, second-opinion estimates, temporary/emergency and permanent repairs, roof maintenance, financing options, and assistance with insurance claims. Rest assured, we are a local Memphis-area business that will still be here tomorrow, should the need arise.

Do your home a favor – Call Nailed It 901 today! 901-654-6677

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