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Boring fixes are important, too!!

We know we post a lot of complete roof replacement projects, but let’s be honest -- the bulk of what we do are minor roof repairs. The truth is, most roofs just need a little love from time to time, and that small act of care and attention just doesn’t boast as much “wow factor” in photos! Boring fixes are important, too!! Complete replacement is not commonly our first suggestion. Here are a few common “minor” roof issues that every homeowner should be aware of…

Nail pops. These can be caused by temperature changes (natural occurrence or possibly due to inadequate ventilation) that cause expansion and contraction of the nails, and/ or shingles that weren’t tightly nailed during installation.

Exposed nails. Slight deck movement caused by wind and temperature changes can cause shingle movement and expansion of nail holes over time, thereby exposing nails to the elements that decrease their usable lifespan. When installers nail with inadequate pressure or improper placement, nail heads may incorrectly stick out above the shingles.

Roof boots and hats. Improperly sealed or reseated metal hats and roof boots after work is done to other home systems like plumbing and HVAC can leave homes vulnerable to water intrusion. Harsh temperatures also can cause failure of the seals on these items over time.

Improper flashing. When flashing intended to redirect water away from cracks and openings is overlooked or improperly installed, it doesn’t take much effort for water to find its way into the home, causing damage to wood roof decking, walls, ceilings & more.

Notice any of these unwanted features on your home?
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